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ALIGN study

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There is no international consensus on the best management strategy of severe selective fetal growth restriction in monochorionic twins and this is much needed. Nowadays we regularly face difficult questions such as: should a fetal intervention be performed during pregnancy? What do we tell the prospective parents? When should the twins be delivered?


The ALIGN study aims to answer these questions. As selective fetal growth restriction is a rare condition, it is best studied through multicenter collaboration and the LUMC has joined forces with the UZ Leuven (Belgium) and the Karolinska University Hospital (Sweden). We will look into cases that were affected by severe selective fetal growth restriction (type 2 and type 3) in the past and evaluate neonatal outcomes as well as differences and similarities between protocols in three countries.


Our data collection will start in the second half of 2022 and we hope to present our results in early 2023. Updates will be posted here!


For more information, feel free to contact:



Contributing researchers:


  • LUMC Leiden: Drs. A.T.R. Noll, Dr. E.J. Verweij, Dr. M. Haak

  • UZ Leuven: Prof. Dr. L. Lewi

  • Karolinska University Hospital Stockholm: Dr. E. Tiblad, Dr. L. Herling

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